Dump Trailers

dump trailer


We have one of the largest line up of dumps trailers around. Lots of sizes and ratings. Bumper Pulls & Goosenecks in just about anything.

 Galvanizing Ultimate LifeTime Finish




  • Mini-Dump – (Great for the do it yourself clean up, grass etc)
  • LD Dump Series – (Lights duty  7,000 & 10,000 GVW)
  • MD Dump Series – (12,000GV)
  • HD Dump Series – (14,000 & 17,000 GVW)
  • Value Series Dumps – (Econo channel frame trailers)
  • Super Duty Dumps – (21,000 & 24,000 GVW)
  • DECK over Models/fold down sides 12′–18′
  • OPEN DECK car trailer/dump style—–see car/dump hybrid page

Available now with 5 HP Honda power unit. completely self contained.
If you want the heavy duty all day service set one up with a Gas engine unit. 


  • Our standard trailer are 6 or 8″ H-beam swept back to axles.
  • Box frames are 1/4″ wall tubing, side wall supports tubing where needed
  • 10 GA floor and side walls 24″ – options for sizes from 36″-48″
  • Interstate Marine grade battery’s
  • Hydraulic jacks in single or tandem
  • AC charger’s standard, charge wire from truck included
  • Ramps are included in most models– exception Mini dump & value has options
  • Large Tandem cylinders standard with 8-12 ton truck hoists optional
  • Models from small dumps to triple axle to tandem duals we have all sizes
  • Contractors Special— side open door and fork holder
  • 2 door ramp combo design available as upgrade