Galvanized Trailers

galvanized trailer

Galvanizing is one of the most effective way to protect steel from corrosion

Valmont Galvaninzing has one of the deepest & widest kettles in the area. We can dip full trailer frames up to 30′ in length.

Hot Zinc coatings are one of the most efficient ways of covering metals. By dipping in liquid you can reach places a paint process cannot get to like for instance inside corners, inside of tubing and much more. Hot dipped to over 800 degrees, after cooling retains a hard permanent finish unlike anything you could ever paint on. You still maintain the solid durability of a steel framed trailer.

Used on many of the products you see everyday Irrigation Systems-Utility Poles-Guard Rails-Oil and Gas Structures Wind Energy Equipment-Utility Structures and much more

For the Ultimate in Steel Protection GO Galvanizing