Combo Rear Dump Trailers

rear dump flatbed trailer combo

Quality & Versatility, all you would need in a trailer

Versatility of being able to haul your mowers or small equipment along with the dump trailer. Downsize from two or three different trailers into one. One less truck. Your able to run to different job locations and fill several times into the dump before having to dump the load. Bottom line more work done less time.

Lawn Service, Landscaping, Tree removal, stump grinding, construction whatever business you have we build to fit your operation

Not your average trailer • Tubular boxed frame • New color combinations!



These Trailers are built to your specifications on length of deck & dump box sizes.

  • Trailer Lengths can be built from as small as 14′ on up to lengths of 30′
  • Box sizes can range from 10′ to 18′
  • Deck sizes can range from 4′ to 14′
  • Heavy Duty tandem cylinders standard
  • DC power up/down units, handset, Interstate Battery 8HP Honda gas engine unit optional
  • Boxes and dump floors 10ga materials, heights from 14″ to 48″ on sides
  • Double barn doors, Pull out ramps from back
  • Heavy Duty H-BEAM frames
  • Gooseneck or Bumper pull
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • axle options: 5200, 7000, 8,000 or triples
  • Tarp Kits, Hydraulic side ramps
  • front Panel one-piece hinged door or double doors
  • Side access doors (when long enough box)
  • baskets for tools, gas cans etc.
  • Top decks on Gooseneck
  • Aluminum wheels…..make it look professional
  • “”NEW”” 2/door ramp combo gate
  • Heavy Duty scissor hoist upgrades

ONLY on D&K Trailers, where Ideas come to life!!